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Grenada’s Downtown, the emotional heart of our city,  has long been neglected and abandoned, a victim of the interstate, big box stores, the internet, and more. Downtowns all over the country, however, are being re-purposed and re-loved. We have rich history, lovely buildings, and unique assets waiting to take on new life.

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“Downtown is the place to come for fun experiences with family and friends. We are building a downtown community that focuses on the arts, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Our approach juxtaposes the historic architecture with innovative ideas that will help sustain economic vitality through unique businesses, loft living and fun events and boost our entire city.

Good things are coming!”

– Katrina Kinder, Head of Promotion Task Force, Grenada Downtown Innovation District

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Changes are taking place. 23 buildings in the Downtown District have recently changed hands. First & Green Celebrations underwent a 2 year renovation and opened its doors in January 2016. The former “Grenada Hardware” has been rebuilt, top to bottom, with 4,000 sq ft. of event space downstairs, complete with state of the art kitchen, and 3 luxury loft apartments upstairs.

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More renovations are taking place, and many more plans are in progress.


Imagine This: Magic Makers Made in Mississippi occupying the Dyre Kent space.

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Many more plans are underway. Check back for updates!

Our efforts are divided into 5 Task Forces: Vision, Design, Promotion, Fundraising, and Economic Vitality.

To get involved, contact any of Deborah BaileySabrina HowellKevin MooreTonja Ray SmithKatrina Kinder, Girault JonesIsabella Kinder, Allan Michael or Jan Walton.