Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.    Margaret Mead

The Grenada Community Foundation reflects the passion of its founders for improving the lives of every citizen of Grenada County, Mississippi. Founded in 2009 by Deborah Bailey, well known for her work in the corporate turnaround world, and Coley Bailey, the cotton farmer cum aviator she moved from New York to marry, Deborah assembled a tiny and highly dedicated band of Grenada stakeholders to imagine Grenada’s future. Her point: lack of money is rarely the obstacle to a venture’s success; lack of vision and leadership are much more often the cause of disaster.  Imagine the possibilities, and the resources will follow.

Within three short years, GCF is credited with initiating many programs that have begun to shape the future of the community.

From the Grenada Farmers Marketto the Building Blocks for Employability Program to the GED Scholarship Programto Grenada Gives 365 and the Mississippi Children’s Collaborative, Grenada is becoming a place wh2012-12-30 09.35.50ere many initiatives of different types are taking root.  This is entirely due to the willing suspension of disbelief of a few hardy souls who pitched in and worked hard and often nonstop: Sabrina Howell and her husband Matt, straight through the arrival of two babies; Bob McGuffin, who at 65+ and on his 13th community had never engaged in community activity before; Rusty and Amy Harlow, who donated space for the Grenada R&R; Pablo Diaz, with his bright imagination, and Amber Diaz with her cool artist’s hand and eye; Elizabeth Robertson, who flew in the face of conventional wisdom; Marianne Clark, who made up for her unwillingness to read email by working twice as hard when she showed up; Ely Ruth Burke, who can never work enough to satisfy herself; Sen. John and Margaret Keeton, who sent us a surprise check; Dynamite Kirk, who graciously supported one whole Employability class; the GED students, every one of whom ALWAYS sends us a note to say how much our belief in them has motivated them — far more than their test fee scholarship alone; Mr. Paul Davison, who inspires each of us every day with his example; Embree Bolton with his incredible sales skills; Joe Lee and Nanette Laster who have unfailingly and entertainingly supported GCF; Jan Walton and her band of 4H volunteers; Donny Sultan who has stored our booty; Jim Lyles for speaking up in various meetings to praise our stalwart but still tiny Foundation; Will Goff who sends email in the middle of the night to thank us just in case no one else remembers to do so.

We thank you all, and all the others we have not mentioned here.  We have come a long way, and have a lot further to go. Please join us to VOLUNTEER, DONATE, ORGANIZE or do whatever you can to help GCF grow.

DHM 1 SmallerWe are your Foundation — as big and strong as the community will make us. 

We are your catalyst for positive change.