Welcome to the Grenada Community Foundation, located at 81 South Church Street in Grenada, MS.  GCF Is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Grenada by working with and for its citizens, unified under the concept of Harambee – meaning to all pull together.  Harambee involves an entire community working together to accomplish its goals, yet it starts as all such efforts do – with individuals like Dr. Bibby, pictured at right. Dr. Bibby, practiced medicine and exemplified the spirit of Harambee in the early part of the last century by ministering to the health needs of those in Grenada’s surrounding countryside who might otherwise not have received care at all.

We invite you to embrace this age old concept – one that is woven into the fabric of our community’s heritage, and lights the way to our future.  Join us, get involved. Contact Sabrina Howell or Kevin Moore, Co Chairs.

Dr. Bibby was known for making distant house calls
throughout the countryside in early 1900s Grenada


Grenada Community Foundation (GCF) is a not for profit Mississippi corporation registered as a charity with the Mississippi Secretary of State and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.