Grenada Community Foundation (GCF) is actively identifying those goals & initiatives that best serve the interests of our community. The basic question: as members of the Grenada community, what do WE, its citizens, want to accomplish?

  • GCF exists to help our community develop its answers, and to realize its many strengths by
    • Becoming an exemplary model of community & economic development, by
    • Basing our efforts on our subtantial assets, our considerable self-reliance, our deep respect for team play, the development together of strong vision and effective leadership.
  • GCF’s five areas of focus include:
    • Improving Education
    • Enhancing Employment
    • Fostering the Future
    • Nurturing NonProfits
    • Assisting the Arts
      • Grenada Gives 365: Making Community Dreams Come True is GCF’s latest initiative. Learn more by following the humming bird link below.
        • The idea is simple. Members give $1 a day – $365 a year – to GCF.
        • Those dollars are pooled with those from others.
        • GCF solicits grant applications from local groups with projects that will move Grenada forward.
        • GG365 Members decide together which projects receive the money.
        • Half the money is given away in the spring following the annual campaign; half remains in an endowend Commubnity Leadership Fund for futre activity.

    That’s Grenada Gives 365 in a nutshell.

    Individuals interested in becoming involved are encouraged to contact GCF.

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