Gratitude | Recognition

At GCF, we welcome the support and participation of our fellow citizens. By making known the often unspoken gratitude of neighbors and community members, GCF seeks to recognize the extraordinary gifts and selfless efforts of Grenada’s Citizens. GCF runs on good will and appreciation, and extends a heartfelt thank you on behalf of all Grenadians to those who help.

Grenada Gives 365 Founding Leadership Team
B.J. Anderson
Coley and Deborah Bailey
Embree and Sue Bolton
Frank and Bernice Bradford
Steve Brock
Ely Ruth Burke
Paul Davison
Pablo and Amber Diaz
Will and Tiffany Goff
Sue Gregory
Cathy Haltom
Sabrina and Matt Howell
Janet and David Kinard
Nanette Laster
Harvey and Lauren Leslie
Sheena Lewis
Bob and Cathy McGuffin
Dusty McKibben
Kim and Ron McRee
Janice Michael
Debbie Mitchell
Tommy and Leslie Moss
Elizabeth Robertson
Tricia and Jeff Shankle
Glenn Smith
Donnie and Melinda Sultan
Wade and Jill Taylor
Chris and Tina Wagner
Al and Jan Walton
Jan Willis
Pat Woods

A stylized bumblebee serves as the GCF symbol of individual and group recognition and achievement


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