Donor Spotlight

There are many ways to donate to GCF, by giving unrestricted gifts, setting up a donor advisied fund; providing deferred or planned gifts for endowment; donating houses, antiques, and appreciated stock; the list is endless. Our volunteers also give gifts of priceless value  to our life-changing programs and services.

One such donor who is also a very hardworking volunteer is Ely Ruth Burke, now of Grenada. Ely and her wonderful son Ruben, now an honor student at Mississippi State, arrived here as Katrina refugees from New Orleans to join other members of their extended family. Ely and Ruben  left Honduras in difficult conditions when Ruben was small to seek a better life in the United States. It took her ten years of relentless effort and great expense, but Ely and Ruben are now proud holders of Green Cards and well on their way to US citizenship.

You would never know Ely had twice suffered all the indignities of being a refugee. She loves her adopted home in Grenada, and does all she can to support the community. She has recently, in recognition of her tireless efforts, joined the GCF Board. Ely was among the first Members to join GG365, and recruits everyone she works for: both husband and wife must join, she tries to recruit the children as well, and has been rumored to solicit gifts in honor of the family dog. She carries posters to every restaurant and distributes postcards everywhere she goes. An incredibly bright spirit, Ely can fix any ailment through her careful study of nutrition. Disappointed by the advice of doctors when Ruben suffered from a rare blood disorder, she studied all the literature and developed a special diet for him. Mercifully he is in remission, and, knock wood, soon to accept a prestigious summer job at a major southern bank.

Muchas gracias, Ely; we are forever blessed to have you and Ruben among us. You are an angel, and we love you very much. Yo te quiero.

If you love her, too, call her and tell her so: 662 809 9357.  OR — you can give her a gift.

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A stylized bumblebee serves as the GCF symbol of individual and group recognition and achievement

A stylized bumblebee serves as the GCF symbol of individual and group recognition and achievement