Build it they will come


Who remembers the movie, Field of Dreams?  Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) continuously hears a voice that says, “Build it he will come.” He learns later, that it was in his destiny to build a baseball diamond in his corn fields. Along the journey, he is visited by spirits of the great baseball players from the past that inspire him along the way.  Field of Dreams is more than a movie about baseball; (though I love baseball) it is a movie about dreaming and acting on your dreams.  A movie about reconciling relationships but most important, it is a movie about getting back lost chances and inspiring help along the way.

Grenada is ripe for this Field of Dreams.  I hear it all the time from those who dare to speak their dreams out loud.  From the leaders of this great community, to high school students, all these members of our community have an idea of what they would like to see.  The problem is we have become discouraged when someone tells us it cannot happen in Grenada because no one will support it.  Is this the truth?  Hmmm.  Have we tried to “build it?”  In broken, unconnected ways, many have tried to do just this.  What is different now?  The piece missing in the past is a catalyst with no personal or political agenda that can bring all these efforts together. In addition to that, the catalyst has to be able to incubate the efforts as they mature, forming the “field.” Where is the catalyst?  The Grenada Community Foundation. How can GCF make a difference?  By connecting people who care, to causes that matter.

 GCF invites you to get involved in one of the many ongoing projects from the Mississippi Children’s Collaborative, Farmer’s Market, and Excel by 5 to GG365.  GCF is the “field of dreams” and all those who come to “play” with GCF are truly getting back lost chances.  The “field” is here, the game has begun, are your visions included?

Stay tuned.

“We must become the change we want to see”.  Gandhi

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